A Ilha dos Prazeres Proibidos (1979)

A Ilha dos Prazeres Proibidos (1979)

  • Year: 1979
  • Directed by: Carlos Reichenbach
  • Starring: Neide Ribeiro, Meiry Vieira, Zilda Mayo, Fàtima Porto
  • Genre: Adventure, Crime, Drama, Erotic
  • Country: Brazil
  • Category: adventure
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Also Known As: The Island of Prohibited Pleasures

Description: Una falsa periodista, que fue contratada por un órgano de extrema derecha, usando como pretexto hacer un reportaje con personas que tienen la captura recomendada, va a una isla paradisíaca, que es una especie de reducto de la liberación sexual. Su misión es eliminar a dos pensadores considerados subversivos, que están allá.

Ana, a fake journalist and professional assassin, is assigned by the far right organization she works for, for a daring mission on the Isle of Prazeres. Using former journalist Sérgio as guide, she must be able to enter the site and eliminate two subversive refugees: the Reichian theoretician William, who shares his wife, Lucia with Sergio and the anarchist Nilo who lives with to sisters, Brigite and Monique in a tent at the seaside. In direct contact with the hedonism of the paradisiac stronghold of renegades, the hit-woman discovers, with difficulty, the revolutionary function of pleasure.

Duration: 01:35:33
Language: Portuguese

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A Ilha dos Prazeres Proibidos (1979)

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