Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III (1994) Uncut version

Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III (1994) Uncut version

  • Year: 1994
  • Directed by: Jim Wynorski
  • Starring: Andrew Stevens, Morgan Fairchild, Robert Forster, Chick Vennera, Stella Stevens, Shari Shattuck
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama, Erotic
  • Country: USA
  • Category: thriller
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Also Known As: Body Chemistry 3: Point of Seduction
Production: Concorde-New Horizons

Description: For aspiring Hollywood writer Freddie Summers, the story of his best friend's untimely death may be his ticket to fame and fortune. Big shot producer, Alan Clay (Andrew Stevens, Night Eyes I, II & III, The Seduction, Munchie) is anxious to bring it to the screen. But first, they need approval from the woman who may have been the murderess, Claire Archer (Shari Shattuck, Immortal Sins, Mad About You, Dead On), a very popular, very attractive TV talk show host. Married or not, Alan falls for Claire in a second. Now he must walk the fine line between betraying his famous wife, Beth (Morgan Fairchild, Falcon Crest, Flamingo Road, The Seduction, North And South) and his lust for Claire. What's at stake is more than his marriage. It may just be his life.

Note: Uncut version. This release contains scenes that are not on the DVD

Duration: 01:26:55
Language: English

Quality: WEBRip
Format: MKV
Size: 1,34 GB

Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III (1994) Uncut version
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