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Warm Texas Rain (2000)

Warm Texas Rain (2000)

  • Year: 2000
  • Directed by: Daniel Rogosin
  • Starring: Steven Bauer, Frankie Thorn, Jim Metzler, Louis Mandylor, Nicholas Hill, Brenda Bakke, Fred Dryer, Kate Rodger, Brent Burditt, Gina-Raye Carter, Annette M. Lesure, Nils Allen Stewart, Kimber West, Dell Yount
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama, Erotic
  • Country: USA
  • Category: thriller
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Description: In this erotic thriller, Marine Sergeant Rush (Steven Bauer)  is drinking at a Mexican strip bar near the U.S/Mexican border with a group of his Marine buddies.  When he sees a pretty, young, red-headed woman, Lisa (Frankie Thorn), being raped, he intervenes.  A fight then ensues between the rapist, Rush, the rapist’s cohorts, and Rush’s Marine buddies. In the course of the fight, Rush kills the rapist, stabbing him.  Rush is then tried in a military court, found guilty of second-degree manslaughter, and sentenced to at least two years in a federal military prison.  A little more than two years later, Rush, now released,  encounters Lisa in Houston, Texas.  She is now married and wealthy, while Rush is stuck working at a car wash. Lisa’s rich husband, Alex, grateful to Rush for protecting her and  wanting to  “make things right,”  offers Rush a much better paying job, which he accepts.  When he does so, Rush is unaware that Alex’  marriage has serious problem and that Alex is deeply indebted to a mafia boss. Rush and Lisa become lovers and flee to Mexico to start a new life together.

Duration: 01:33:38
Language: English

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 704x480 29.97fps 1498kbps
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 160kbps
Size: 1,09 GB

Warm Texas Rain (2000)
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