Erotic Tales, Volume IV (1995 / 1996)

Erotic Tales, Volume IV (1995 / 1996)

  • Year: 1995
  • Directed by: Detlev Buck, Mika Kaurismaki, Melvin Van Peebles
  • Starring: Natalia Worner, Peter Luppa, Leander Haussmann, Kari Vaananen, Andrea Bloom, Antonio Calloni, Richard Barboza, Dewar Zazee, Laura Lane
  • Genre: Drama, Famtasy, Erotic
  • Country: Germany | Brazil | Finland | USA
  • Category: drama
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Der Elefant vergist nie: A dwarf from a circus and his best friend, an elephant, rescue a beautiful young woman from her burning car. When the dwarf visits the lady later, she tells him he has got a wish, because he saved her life. The dwarf wants one night...

Sambolico: A Finnish music conductor and a Brazilian girl have virtual sex.

Vrooom, Vroom, Vrooom!!!: A young boy receives a mystical motorcycle that transforms into a woman when he rides it at night.

Duration: 01:23:00
Language: Russian, English

Quality: DVDRip
Format: MP4
Size: 3,16 GB

Erotic Tales, Volume IV (1995 / 1996)
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